Recombinant Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors

With access to a wide range of host organisms, long-term expression in vivo, and low immunogenicity, recombinant Adeno-Associated viral vectors (rAAV) offer a robust and proven method of gene delivery. rAAV is a single stranded DNA parvovirus that infects both dividing and non-dividing cells with varying tissue tropisms and transduction efficiencies. It is highly popular in both the pre-clinical and clinical settings, capable of producing high titers for transgenes at maximum cassette limits of 4.7kb for single stranded vectors, and 2.2kb for self-complementary vectors. Our facility is equipped to manufacture rAAV at large scales with a production capacity of 2.0 x 1012 - 3.0 x 1015 viral genomes per week and can purify and concentrate vectors up to 1-5 x 1013vg/ml. Optimized for enhanced transduction efficiency and purified via CsCl gradient centrifugation, our final product contains over 99% packed capsid to ensure the highest effective potency in your application.